As a Charitable Partner of Kits for a Cause you’ll gain access to brand new free donations and connect with new donors!
Care Kits: Our CHOOSE YOUR CAUSE map allows donors to match to the cause that they’re passionate about in their neighbourhood. You’ll receive a custom Charitable Partner Profile Page on our map, that shares all of the incredible work that you do and how donors can help you make an impact!
Your Wishlist: In Collaboration with Unity Values Foundation, we’ll help you design a customized Virtual Wishlist that allows you to choose what you need, when you need it! As a Charitable Partner you can select all of the items that you’re in need of and identify how many of each you need. As your needs change you can update the list live! With its easy to share function, donors share your Wishlist with their network, purchase your in-kind donations directly and we ship them right to your front door!
Virtual & In-Person Volunteering: Gone are the days that you have to turn away anyone! Now you can say yes to every volunteer who wants to give back to you, either virtually or in-person! We teach groups how to host a safe Kit Pack for you, ensuring that you receive the donations that you need and your volunteers feel connected to your cause and engaged in the mission.

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