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With the right resources and strategy, you can make a lasting difference in your community. We work with charities around the world to identify the unique needs of those who are at risk and provide them with the supplies they need most. With over 327,000 kits packed and over 300 charities supported, we are proud to be making a difference around the world – one kit at a time.


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When you take part in Kits for a Cause, you gain access to our team of experts and essential supplies. We work hard to make giving back an easy, fun and educational experience for your group, family or team!


Kits for a Cause and Bargain Group were incredible for our small student-led organization to give back to our community. The service and support were fantastic, allowing for a great event. The donation from Kits for a Cause was a great add-on to the overall great experience. With their help, we were able to donate 350 care packages to the homeless in Vancouver!

Luke W

A great place to be connected to. Amazing people, creative ideas, and great support. A place that is dedicated to helping and supporting those in need.


Church Group Kit Pack

Lauren at Kits for a Cause helped the Upside Foundation put on a fantastic event for 70 members of the Upside Foundation community, together we packed 500 kits!! Fabulous way for companies to engage their teams, and to listen to the CEO of Dixon Hall speak about the impact it will make. Thanks again Lauren.

Gabrielle F

Upside Foundation

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We’re here to help you get involved in your local community and truly make a difference. Whether you’re looking for more information about the charities we partner with or it’s time to get started, get in touch with us today. After you’ve completed the form below, a member of our team will be in touch with you.