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Are you looking for a group volunteer experience to make local impact? Are you ready to supercharge your team building efforts? Look no further! We have a dedicated team and resources that will help transform your vision into a reality. We will put together an unforgettable and engaging Kit-packing experience in support of your selected charity.

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Who Can Get Involved

Connect nonprofits, donors & companies in Every Community.

Foster Team Building through a Kit packing experience that supports CSR activities & ESG Goals. Make Corporate Events more exciting and bring together groups, families, and teams to create lasting impact. We at Kits For a Cause taking pride in offering customizable opportunities for engagement that cater to a wide range of individuals and groups. Whether you’re a corporation, a school, a family, or part of a faith-based community, we can tailor a Kit Packing event that ensures an engaging and impactful experience for all.


Companies who want to organize an event for their people and help the community


Church group or a soccer team, who want to help and volunteer


Kids who need volunteer hours for school


Families who want to help and volunteer

Organizations Who Love Kit Packing

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Grant Charities Greatest Wishes

We are proud to create a quick and convenient system to help provide charities with the supplies they need most, so that they can continue to make a difference. In collaboration with Unity Values Foundation, our Wishlist Program allows charities to share their most urgent needs in real-time. This allows donors to fulfill their needs quickly and directly, using the online platform.

The system is designed to allow both individuals and teams to create their own campaigns to fulfill the items. They can either ship directly to the charity or pack the kits themselves!

About our process Update

About Our Process

Gain access to our knowledgeable team who are happy to help you create an incredible group volunteer experience. Our team can help you find a cause in your community or you can choose your own! Browse through hundreds of our charity partners that stretch from coast to coast.
Once your cause has been chosen and event details are in place, it’s time to pack your kits! Our team will work closely with you to discuss the details of your kit packing event and ensure that it goes smoothly. We will provide your group with the supplies necessary to make a difference for your cause of choice.
Once the kits have been packed, our team will ensure that they are delivered to your cause of choice. Your group can benefit from the team-building experience of a lifetime, all while making an impact for a deserving charity and cause.

What People Are Saying About Kits for a Cause

Looking for more information before planning your next kit packing experience? Learn more about us and our process with the information in our reviews. Testimonials have been left from our new and returning partners, to provide you with everything you need to make an informed decision.
5-star reviews for kits for a cause

For many years, Bargains Group has supported Horizons for Youth, which is a youth shelter in Toronto where I work. Through their Kits for a Cause program, our agency has been able to provide many essentials items to our residents. We have also ordered many products from Bargains Group for fundraising initiatives and for our clients. All items come in a timely manner and the staff is great to work with! I highly recommend using Bargains Group for any wholesale needs.


Horizons for Youth

5-star reviews for kits for a cause

Our event on Monday went off seamlessly. The items for the kits were well organized, everything was accounted for, and the employees loved putting together the kits for a great local charity.




5-star reviews for kits for a cause

If you’re a business person and you’re looking to connect with the community you serve in a meaningful way, look no further. Kits for a Cause helps provide a turn-key experience that you and your organization will never forget while at the same time helping you give back to those in need. What more could you ask for?

Isaac Musial

Compass Wealth

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Looking For Group Bonding, Team Building And Making An Impact? You’re In The Right Place!

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