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Bring your family together by supporting a cause that you care about. Working together to invest in your community and give back can help to strengthen bonds, while providing a teachable experience. 

Available for an in-person and virtual event, Kits for a Cause can help you instill important values in your children and bring you closer together, as you work toward a common goal.

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Why Kit Pack with Your Family?

Your family can benefit from a kit packing event in many ways, such as:

• Supporting local charities that need your help
• Investing and making a difference in your community
• Providing children with a teachable experience
• Building core values and a commitment to helping others
• Strengthening family bonds and nurturing relationships


Why Support a Cause?

Spend quality time with your family or group, all while supporting a cause of your choice. There are many reasons why you should plan a Kit Packing Party and benefits to experience, for all parties involved!

Support a cause, at-risk group or charity with essential supplies

Lead by example and teach children the importance of giving back

Make a lasting impact for those who need it most

Spend quality time together while building teamwork skills

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