Who Can Get Involved

At Kits For a Cause, we take pride in offering customizable opportunities for everyone to engage in a hands-on volunteering experience. Regardless of your age, group size, or specific needs, we’re here to help you plan and execute a Kit-Packing event that ensures an enjoyable experience for all participants.

Our services are tailored to suit corporate teams, schools, families, and faith-based groups, among others.


Kit Packing for Companies

What better way to connect with your team, than by helping your local community? With Kits for a Cause, we can work with you to plan a Kit Packing Event that will help to strengthen your team, while also supporting at-risk groups in your community.

Find out how your business can make a lasting impact, together.


Kit Packing for Schools

Engage students and educational faculty alike by getting involved in the local community! With Kits for a Cause, your students and fellow educators can enjoy a fun, safe and accessible way to volunteer and make an impact for a local charity. With both in-person and virtual Kit Packing Events available, your students can effectively learn more about their community and make a difference.

Kit Packing for Families & Groups

Bring your family together by supporting a cause that you care about. Working together to invest in your community and give back can help to strengthen bonds, while providing a teachable experience. Available for an in-person and virtual event, Kitts for a Cause can help you instill important values in your children and bring you closer together, as you work toward a common goal.

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Kit Packing for Faith-Based Groups

We are here to help you make a difference in your local community. By planning a Kit Packing Event with your faith-based group, you can engage members of all ages and backgrounds with a cause that is in need of your help and support. Invest, support, and make a difference for a local charity, all with help from your faith-based community and our team at Kitts for a Cause.
Kitpacking for Charities

Kit Packing for Charities

If you’re looking for donations, new donors and ways to engage groups of volunteers, you’re in the right spot. Our mission is to engage groups of volunteers who want to make an impact in Kit packing, so that charities never need to buy supplies ever again. With needs increasing and budgets being cut, we know that now more than ever charities are in need of quality donations and meaningful connections with new donors.

Not sure where to begin? We can help you find a charity!

Why Get Involved?

When you host a Kit Packing Event, you’re doing so much more than just planning an activity for your group or team. Your supporting a cause that can greatly benefit from your support, making an impact that lasts longer and goes further than you could ever imagine.

  • Support an at-risk group or cause that is in need.
  • Bring your group or team together to make a difference.
  • Prioritize team building and strengthen teamwork skills.
  • Get essential supplies to those who need them most.