Camille’s Place- Congress of Black Women Of Canada(Miss.)

Location: Mississauga,

Our History
The Corporation was formed in Mississauga in 1994 by a group of committed volunteers who wanted to ensure that there was good quality, affordable housing in the community. Camille’s Place opened in October 1996.
Our Mission
The mission of CAMILLE’S PLACE to provide good quality, affordable housing to individuals, couples and families in Mississauga. We are committed to meeting the housing needs of the Region of Peel’s residents at all life stages and to the development of healthy, diverse and vibrant communities.
Our Values
Strong communities: We believe that affordable housing is the cornerstone of strong, healthy and vital communities.
Diversity: We welcome diverse staff, volunteers, and tenants.
The environment: We are committed to creating a healthy environment for current and future residents of the Region of Peel.

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