Changing Lives – Ridley Villas

Location: Newcastle Upon Tyne,
North East England

Good morning,

My name is Lois, I am a Family Support Worker for the charity Changing Lives, working at Ridley Villas. Changing Lives is a large nationwide charity, based in the North East, helping people facing challenging times to make positive change, the charity works in hope with the people we support, providing opportunities for growth and healing. Ridley Villas is based in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

We want to make the women and their children we work with feel valued and cared for; the families we work with are often fleeing extremely traumatic circumstances – domestic violence, addiction, and homelessness. At present there are 7 families living at Ridley Villas. Website about the service can be found here.

We were hoping to receive some packs made up including sanitary/hygiene products.

If you need any further information please contact the office and speak to a member of staff on 0191 232 9181 or email myself at [email protected]




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Most Needed Kits for Changing Lives – Ridley Villas

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