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Comfort Bears provides stuffed bears for children aged 1 – 18 years who are terminally ill, have a serious illness or experiencing trauma.

We partner with 30 hospitals, hospices, and community organizations (bereavement, cancer support services) who identify children who would benefit from receiving a Comfort Bear.

Since launching our program one year ago, over 4,000 new, high quality and very snuggly bears have found their way into the loving arms of children in need. 

It’s just a bear, but for the children receiving a Comfort Bear, it’s someone to talk to, will never leave their side and provides a warm hug in their darkest moments.

We would like to offer activity kits to accompany the teddy bears, particularly for children in hospital. The anxiety associated with the child’s medical journey is overwhelming. The activity kit will provide a diversion for the child and provide calm amid chaos and anxiety.

This little bear has become an important part of their medical journey. Parents and our program partners have shared that the bond between the child and their Comfort Bear is so strong, the bear is often buried upon the child’s passing.

For medical staff, it helps ease the anxiety that a child may have when they’re admitted to the hospital or hospice, serves as a teaching tool, and can assist in providing a more positive healthcare experience. Research confirms teddy bears can reduce the physical and emotional symptoms of anxiety and can help accelerate the healing process.

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