Equitable Action for Change

Location: Toronto,

We are a Black created, led, focused and serving not-for-profit, multi-service agency located in Tkaronto/Toronto, Ontario. We provide services in harm reduction, substance use challenged supports, assistance for sexually abused/physically abused, immigration/settlement services, employment assistance, community outreach services and arts supports. We work with an emphasis on access to services to reduce the systemic harms primarily to Black-identifying, Black, Black Indigenous, Afro Indigenous, ACB, LGBTTIQQ2SA, sex worker, drug user, substance use challenged, intermittently housed/homeless/unsheltered, living rough folks.. among others in Tkaronto/Toronto. We work with our communities on anti-gang, anti-Violence initiatives. We work with our communities on equitable access to basic human rights such as access to housing, food resources, as well as referral to supports such as; legal support, medical and immigration.. among others.

Equitable Action for Change works with our communities to mitigate the harms that come with the multiple racial disparities faced by our Black-identifying peoples who hold multiple identities.

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