Equitable Action for Change

We are a Black created, led, focused and serving not-for-profit, multi-service agency located in Tkaronto/Toronto, Ontario. We provide services in harm reduction, substance use challenged supports, assistance for sexually abused/physically abused, immigration/settlement services, employment assistance, community outreach services and arts supports. We work with an emphasis on access to services to reduce the systemic harms primarily to Black-identifying, Black, Black Indigenous, Afro Indigenous, ACB, LGBTTIQQ2SA, sex worker, drug user, substance use challenged, intermittently housed/homeless/unsheltered, living rough folks.. among others in Tkaronto/Toronto. We work with our communities on anti-gang, anti-Violence initiatives. We work with our communities on equitable access to basic human rights such as access to housing, food resources, as well as referral to supports such as; legal support, medical and immigration.. among others.

Equitable Action for Change works with our communities to mitigate the harms that come with the multiple racial disparities faced by our Black-identifying peoples who hold multiple identities.

Most Needed Kits for Equitable Action for Change

Winter Warmth Kit
Transitional Housing Kit
Summer Kit
Senior Kit
Period Kit
Patient Care Kit
Hygiene Kit
Holiday Gift Kit
Disaster Relief Kit
Cancer Comfort Kit
Back to School Kit

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