Fredericton Homeless Shelters Inc.

Location: Fredericton,

Fredericton Homeless Shelters is a full-service organization operating three spaces in Fredericton. We provide 360 support on a 24 hour day basis for about 40 people each day. The work we do follows a model we call the Continuum of Care and looks to help people move from crisis to stability to permanently housed. We are one of the most progressive shelters in the country working to get people back on their feet, help them deal with addictions and help support them.

The Fredericton Homeless Shelters Inc. was established in 1983 by a group of people to provide temporary housing for people who suffered from house fires or other natural disasters with a small mention of the transient population. Since that time we have changed dramatically to deal almost exclusively with those who find themselves homeless not by natural disaster but by other circumstances. Our mission is and to some extent has always been to restore human dignity to those who were experiencing homelessness in Fredericton and the surrounding areas. Since then, The Fredericton Homeless Shelters have expanded to three shelters, the Men’s Shelter, Grace House for Women, and Brunswick Home Transitional Housing. Together, the shelters provide temporary housing to over 300 individuals every year.

Each of our shelters has their own personality and each serves a different group of people but still maintain the unity of sharing the same mission and values. Regardless of demographic, each of our shelters strives toward providing a safe, stable, and dignified living environment that promotes self-determination.

The Fredericton Homeless Shelters are making waves in Fredericton and the surrounding area. With each person we help, we reinforce our values that we are compassionate, open-minded, dependable, accountable, helpful, and absolutely necessary.

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