Grenfell Ministries

As a not for profit organization in Hamilton we are hoping to put together care packages for the homeless and those experiencing withdrawal during COVID-19 – we are looking for hand-warmers, facecloths, reusable water bottles, socks, underwear, blankets and mitts. Also we are running a program that puts a month’s worth of time on used cell phones and we have been handing those out as well in order to help folks to connect with services. I am not sure if you have cell phones in bulk but if you did I could purchase in bulk that would be great.

I wondered if there was a possibility of any assistance with these items. We can also use face masks and hand sanitizer to give to folks living on the street without the ability to wash their hands.

Need Help? Call us at 1-877-868-5655
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Holiday-Gift-Kit One Time Care Kits $25.00
patient-care-kit Monthly Care Kit Package $25.00 / month

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