John Howard Society of Toronto

Since 1929 the John Howard Society has been committed to providing effective services that assist in reducing crime and its causes.

The Criminal Justice System affects us all:

– Some of us have been directly involved in the system or know someone who has.

– All of us pay taxes that fund the system.

– Many of us have been a victim of crime.

Today’s Justice System is struggling to find an effective response. Our research has shown that longer prison sentences are NOT an effective method of rehabilitation, NOR an effective way of reducing crime. We support the appropriate use of community-based sanctions, gradual release and prevention-focused programs. The John Howard Society of Ontario supports our 19 local offices as they provide effective social supports that reliably reduce rates of crime and victimization across Ontario.

Through the Centre of Research, Policy & Program Development, the John Howard Society of Ontario provides timely and relevant research, policy development, program evaluation and development, and informative education material for all.

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