John Howard Society of York Region

Location: Newmarket,

John Howard Society of York Region (JHSYR) is a leading criminal justice organization advancing the mandate of “effective, just and humane responses to crime and its causes”. Our mission is to provide evidence-based and outcome-driven programs that address crime and its root causes. The service model is a continuum of care that integrates prevention, intervention, and reintegration services. JHSYR reaches over 4,000 York Region residents annually who have been or who are at risk of involvement with the criminal justice system. This includes youth and adults of all gender identities and expressions, with diverse social, ethnic, linguistic, and cultural backgrounds that are representative of the community we serve. JHSYR serves equity-deserving groups adversely affected by poverty, amplified by the stigma, shame and barriers associated with criminal justice involvement.
JHSYR offers evidence-informed and evaluated, individual and group-based programming to mitigate the effects of crime, address its underlying causes, and help people transition out of crime. JHSYR’s group-based programs, such as the Partner Assault Response (PAR) Program, Anger Management, Healthy Youth Preventative Education (HYPE), counselling services and Reintegration programs, foster social connection, reduce isolation, and increase positive outcomes.

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