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Location: Shelbyville,

Ready Fest Incorporated has been helping Kentucky school children since 2019.  For the 2023 school year, our non-profit provided over 1,100 Shelby County Kentucky kids with everything they needed to get back to school.  But with over 6,800 students in our public school system, and over half of those students (54%), qualify for free and reduced lunch, we still have a long way to go.   

The extra costs that families encounter this time of year can result in a huge financial strain.   Ready Fest is working to provide any student in Shelby County with all the things they need to get back to the classroom, at absolutely no cost to them.  And we aren’t just talking about pencils and paper.

• All grade-level supplies required from Shelby County Public Schools’ annual school supply list



  Personal Hygiene Products  

  Dental Screenings 

  Haircut Vouchers

In 2023, we were able to increase the number of kids we helped in our community by 144% over last year, but we ran out of supplies before we could fill every request.  The need is there.

Our goals for this year are clear.

We are trying to unify the entire county’s efforts. In the past, many different local organizations and churches gave away backpacks and some school supplies during the summer.  Ready Fest is making a concerted effort to organize all of those independent resources, making sure that together, we cover all the children’s back-to-school needs.

We are bringing together community partners and resources. This past year, Ready Fest brought together dozens of sponsors and contributors in this effort.  We also welcomed over a dozen organizations to our back to school event, from the Imagination Library to the Kentucky Attorney General’s office to spread awareness of all the incredible programs and services that are available to families in Shelby County.

The success of this program is entirely dependent on the support of generous donors like you.  We would be extremely grateful for your help in getting these important materials into the hands of our school kids. 

Thank you for your support and consideration.

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