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Remember The 400 aim to have the month of August recognized as Freedom Month across the globe. Freedom month will unite the descendants of the diaspora and their allies worldwide by acknowledging the lasting impact of the Transatlantic slave trade on the lives of millions, as well as the resilience and growth demonstrated by its descendants.

We strive to positively impact efforts to bridge the divide between race and ethnicity that negatively impacts Black people across the globe. As a global non-profit, our vision is to empower the descendants of the Children of Slavery with the tools, support, and foundation they need to survive, thrive, and begin healing. One of the most critical ways we achieve our goals is by focusing on the youth. We firmly believe investing in our youth can create a better future for all. The youth are the future of our society, and we work tirelessly to support impoverished youth in marginalized areas affected by racism, providing them with the necessary resources to succeed. Our for-youth-by-youth initiatives include visiting schools and youth programs, teaching Black history, and working with local politicians and community organizers to spread awareness.

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