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Signature Health was founded in 1993 by our CEO, Jonathan Lee; Chief Innovation Officer, Ann Mason; and the late Paul Brickman. We began as a community-focused organization, providing counseling to kids in local schools.

Fast forward three decades and Signature Health continues to grow and meet community health needs. Our clinicians serve more than 32,000 patients each year, at seven outpatient locations and two residential treatment facilities (with two more opening soon).

We primarily serve Medicaid and Medicare patients, with a sliding fee scale available to eligible individuals without insurance. Our services range from counseling and psychiatry services, to alcohol and drug recovery programs, to primary care, to infectious disease services.

Our locations span as far west as Lakewood, and as far east as Ashtabula.

Signature Health’s Infectious Disease program focuses on prevention, education, rapid screening and timely treatment of common infections. Our team works together to remove barriers to care, including for the LGBTQ+ community. 

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