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As a community health center, Signature Health cares for people of all ages in Northeast Ohio through mental health, addiction recovery, primary care, and infectious disease services. This includes our community’s most vulnerable individuals regardless of ability to pay. With health centers in Cuyahoga, Lake and Ashtabula counties, Signature Health reaches more than 32,000 patients annually including children, seniors and those who are homeless or uninsured.

Signature Health’s infectious disease program focuses on prevention, education, rapid screening and timely treatment of common infections. We support individuals through HIV and Hepatitis C testing and treatment, offering wrap-around support services that address barriers to care, including for the LGBTQ+ community. Because Hepatitis C is spread through blood, we ask our patients to switch out their personal hygiene supplies during treatment to avoid re-infection and ensure a successful treatment course.

By choosing to assemble hygiene kits for Signature Health patients and community members, you’ll provide basic necessities that have an immediate impact on quality of life, and ensure successful treatment for our patients receiving infectious disease care.

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