St. Felix Centre

Location: Toronto,

St Felix Centre is a beacon of charitable service located in the heart of downtown Toronto, where we serve some of the most marginalized members of our community – many experiencing diverse complex challenges, including homelessness, poverty, mental illness and addictions.
St. Felix Centre is dedicated to providing compassionate service and a safe, welcoming and respectful environment inclusive of all religions, genders, cultures, and abilities. All peoples are treated with dignity, regardless of circumstance. Our core values are: Respect For Human Dignity; Compassion; Transformation; Solidarity With The Poor; Justice and Peace.
Our programs and services include:
– 24-Hour Respite Program
– Community Drop-In
– Community Meals Program
– Housing Support & Case Management
– St. Felix House – a transitional home for women
– P.A. W.S. Program – Pets: Accommodating Wishes and Support
– Clothing Bank
The Centre is currently operating 24/7, with our two 24-Hour Respite sites opening for round-the-clock access to our meals program, resting areas, showers and individual support services. This program is vital in helping to ensure that people remain safe, especially during the cold season. As a result of this program and the great need for affordable and supportive housing for vulnerable members of the community, our need for support has increased dramatically.
We are located at 25 Augusta Ave (main offices and 24-Hour Respite site) and 69 Fraser Ave. (24-Hour Respite site). For more information. For more information on how to get involved and support St. Felix Centre, people can visit our website at, or follow our social media profiles (Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook page).

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