StepStones for Youth

Location: Toronto,

StepStones serves young people aged 10-25 in and transitioning out of the foster care system, a population considered to be among society’s most vulnerable.

We believe that every young person, despite their family situation, has the right to belong with people who love and value them unconditionally and support them in achieving their potential. Through no fault of their own, most children and youth from foster care are denied this right. Untreated trauma, unstable living conditions, and a lack of familial support result in a profoundly negative trajectory for the beneficiaries of our program.

Many of the young people we serve are from marginalized communities including Black, Indigenous, and other racialized communities; newcomer, immigrant, and refugee communities; and 2SLGBTQ+ communities. The beneficiaries of our program include youth who:

  • have suffered abuse, neglect, trauma, and unstable guardian care;
  • are economically disadvantaged;
    lack education and/or have dropped out of school
  • are estranged from their birth, adoptive, or kinship caregivers and lack supportive adults in their lives;
  • are marginalized and disproportionately racialized;
    struggle with mental health concerns and substance use;
  • are homeless or have run away from home;
  • have significant concerns with self-esteem and/or behaviour

These young people are also among the most talented, creative, and compassionate and want to succeed in life as well as help others succeed. We know that the youth we serve can achieve positive outcomes in their lives when appropriate and sustainable supports are in place and we are committed to helping them attain what they need to realize their potential.

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