The OliveTree

Location: Philadelphia,
New Mexico

The OliveTree is a non-profit organization which offers wellness and therapeutic services for those in need. We also have a program that helps those transitioning from jail/prison back into the community. We offer this re-integration program to all post incarceration inmates. These services include intensive case management, individual therapy, group classes that address Life Skills, Substance Recovery, Anger Management and Co-Dependency, Parenting Class and infant and parent psychotherapy. Part of the program is to offer housing to those that are homeless during this transitional period. We have a 15 room property that allows those that are transitioning back into the community up to a 90 day stay to aid them in getting back in their feet. We offer preventative workshops that address suicide, opioid and substance abuse. and Trauma Informed Care. We provide services for all walks of life 0-65+. We are a rural community with limited resources, but work hard to provide what is needed to those that can’t afford basic services, don’t know how to go about finding services, have mental health issues or are struggling with family issues.

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