Captain Scott Legacy Society

Location: Vancouver,
Captain Scott Legacy Society is a Canadian registered charity that works closely with community organizations to foster welcoming volunteer spaces for all ages, experiences, and abilities. Our aim is to diversify volunteerism by getting more people to volunteer and experience the many benefits of service. Our specific Volunteer Ambassadors program encourages those who are often left out of volunteer opportunities to get involved, including young kids, people with disabilities, and seniors. By partnering with other organizations and bringing volunteers to their events, or hosting our own low-commitment, no-experience-necessary types of volunteering events, we make volunteering more social and fun. We’re looking forward to offering Kits for a Cause packing sessions throughout the year so that new and seasoned volunteers can learn more about Greater Vancouver’s local organizations while feeling great packing and donating to those in need. Also, as a charitable partner, we are open to accepting donations so that our Volunteer Ambassadors can add special gifting touches and deliver to those in need in our community including schools, neighbourhood houses, shelters, and community housing programs.

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