Charity Centre AGAPAS at Russian Orthodox Christ the Saviour Cathedral

Location: Toronto,

In May 2022, the charity centre AGAPAS at Christ the Saviour Cathedral in Toronto, Ontario opened its doors to assist displaced Ukrainians.

The activity of the centre has a two-fold focus. On the one hand, AGAPAS helps and supports Ukrainian families who find themselves in a difficult situation and are not sufficiently socially protected, especially women with children, youth, and the elderly. On the other hand, the centre gives people living here a real opportunity to show their best qualities, such as mercy, humanism, and empathy.

Since the beginning, the number of families who have registered for our services has grown in November 2023 to over 2,000 families.

The centre most recently received “Charity of the Year Award – 2023” from The Brilliant Minded Women Organization and Foundation, for our humanitarian efforts and making a significant impact with our charity by delivering sustainable benefits to our communities in need. Our work has been recognized for leaving an imprint for future charities.

We are counting on businesses in the GTA to help further support us at this difficult time of the year for our HOLIDAY TOY DRIVE so that no child is left behind during the holidays. We are looking to provide 660gifts for Ukrainian families in need. No donation is too small. We would love to include your business as a part of our essential resources supporting our neighbours in crisis.

You may get in touch with us by emailing us at [email protected] Attention: Olga Ivanova, our lead volunteer or by contacting the AGAPAS direct line at 647-854-7994.

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