Maryan The Divine Mercy Foundation

Location: Jarvis,

MTMDF is a humanitarian campaign mobilizing a surge of love for the extremely vulnerable children, elderly and families overseas and locally .

This non-profit organization is working also to help the displaced people in multiple countries and also assisting other local organizations that benefit the physically and mentally challenged children, the disadvantaged and neglected elderly, and the impoverished families in overseas, beside a new program that will be running from the new charity location at Maryan The Divine Mercy Community Church In Jarvis to provide community services in Haldimand Norfolk community.

MTDMF became a registered charity as of December 2011.

Be it shelter, clothing, meals, medical care or education, Maryan The Divine Mercy Foundation keeps growing in its humanitarian mission, thanks to the generosity of many sponsors and donators, keeping the pace open to plant more seeds of hope and security where needed.

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