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My names meaghan ans I’ve started up my own nfp “our lore” support services

I’ve been solely doing this whilst I have care of my two children whilst my husband is incarcerated

The idea to start and fund this on my own was once my husband was locked up, I was found with no support and no help from anyone. I had never dealt with the jail system before and didn’t know who to contact or how to ask for help.

Whilst I found my feet after 2 months I fought for my husbands human rights while he was mistreated.

My husband and I talk everyday on the phone and it became clear that I wasn’t the only one struggling with a loved on behind bars.

On the stat’s atsi people are the highest in our prison system and we noticed that our mob end up lost socially, emotionally and financially.

What I know is that personally my kids missed there day and the only way to keep a healthy connection was through letters and talking on the phone.

2.59 a 10 minute phone call cost, which alot of us couldn’t afford on a daily basis.

So I came up with the idea to start up our lore

Which I make keeping connected packs

Which included

Envelopes, stamps, note pads, pens, colours pens and crayons .

This pack can keep our mob connected.

I’ve also started now doing more welfare support such as, referrals for people in need of food, clothing and everyday living items.

I lost my husbands income when he was incarcerated but I managed to make it through some of our mob isn’t lucky enough and end up losing everything.

Depression is the most common mental health issue in jails with our mob worrying about there families and how there coping.

I might not be curing the Depression but if I can keep our mob connected and also fed, and socially and emotional on path I know I’ve done something right.

I have financially done this on my own.

My 2 year boori thinks it’s awesome to pick and pack stuff up for mum so we bond and we always have a tune so my bubba girl rolls and laughs as she’s six month.

This experience has been eye opening to myself and my husband. Being a proud Kamilaroi family we want to keep everyone connected and we’ll.


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