St. Philip Neri’s Table

Location: North York,

St. Philip Neri’s Table is an outreach mission for the poor founded on May 29, 2021, operating as a Food Program under St. Philip Neri parish a registered charity in North York, Ontario.

St. Philip Neri’s Table’s clientele range from a wide diversity of unemployed, refugees, new immigrants, homeless individuals and families struggling to meet their basic grocery needs due to economic crises, inflation, unemployment, or low income. We serve over 200 individuals and families with children weekly


St. Philip Neri’s Table is intended to alleviate the food insecurity crisis in the community by providing individuals and families with nutritious food to meet their basic nutritional needs in a welcoming, caring and compassionate environment.


We envision a food secure world where individuals and families are enabled to consistently meet their food and nutrition needs through dignified means.


The following gospel-centered core values are at the foundation of St. Philip Neri’s strategy, service and activities:

a) Faith
b) Hope
c) Compassion
d) Service
e) Generosity
f) Humility
g) Dignity
h) Respect
i) Integrity
j) Courtesy
k) Joy
l) Fun

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