Summit Outreach and Counselling Inc.

Location: Martensville,

Summit Outreach and Counselling is a dedicated organization committed to supporting the holistic well-being of youth aged 15-25 in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Through a comprehensive range of services, including addictions counselling, cultural programming, pro-social recreation, and outreach initiatives, Summit strives to address the diverse needs of young individuals in the community. The organization provides accessible and specialized addictions counselling to help youth overcome substance use challenges, while also offering cultural programming to celebrate diversity, promote cultural understanding, and foster a sense of identity and belonging. Pro-social recreation activities provide positive outlets for youth to engage in meaningful and enjoyable experiences, contributing to their overall well-being and social connections. Through proactive outreach efforts, Summit ensures that its services reach those who may not seek help otherwise, ensuring a broader impact on the community. With a commitment to empowerment and support, Summit Outreach and Counselling is dedicated to guiding youth towards resilience, growth, and a brighter future.

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